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Prayer Bracelets

Handmade Prayer Bracelet 

~The 3 stones stand for Our Heavenly Father, The Son, and Holy Ghost

~Each bracelet has been prayed over by Leann Hart 

~You just tie one on your wrist and you're never alone. 

Please Note: these are beads will vary but all will be turquoise.The rope will be elastic so it can be taken on and off. 

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LeAnn Hart Podcasts

LeAnn Hart is a powerhouse who does it all. This mom to six is also a singer, songwriter, inspirational speaker, PBR stock contractor, worship leader and pastor. Nothing is off limits and she considers herself and open book! Hart talks faith, marriage, being a woman in a male dominated industry and so much more. She teaches us all how to shake it loose and let it fall!

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Leann Hart with Cowgirl Magazine

There Is No Freedom Without Forgiveness~LeAnn Hart

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